AerGun Bike Pump

Many pumps promise durability, but not many were designed with this foremost in mind. The AerGun Bike Pump even feels a bit different in your hand, as if it’s a bit more substantial. This is because it has solid steel construction instead of an alloy.

It is made to sit in a truck, lie in the closet, or remain tucked away in the garage and still work perfectly with no rust or moisture issues. It’s simple to use and the pump action allows air fill with every stroke. If you are looking for a pump in a state of frustration over many pumps that haven’t lasted, this air pump is worth a look.

AerGun Bike Pump

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  • No adapters needed.
  • Offers high pressure.
  • Adjustable pump head can automatically adjust to fit Presta and Schrader valves.
  • Gauge is big and easy to read.
  • The pump won’t leak air when removing the nozzle from the valve.
  • Most bike riders love this pump.
  • Bleed valve if you over fill.


  • Can be difficult to get to high pressure.
  • Some find changing to different tire valves difficult.

So How Good is The AerGun Bike Pump?


The first thing that most people notice when picking this pump up out of the box is that it has a heft and weight to it. It’s not too heavy to use, but it does feel more competent and capable of doing the job at hand. Since there is no need for an adapter, you can start using the pump for your tires or other inflatables quickly. It’s possible to fill the inflatable up perfectly as the indicator acts as a guide. You don’t have to use a separate bike gauge.

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Nozzles and Valves

The bike pump head for the AerGun Bike Pump engages the Presta valves easily, and automatically adjusts to fit Schrader valves too no switching is needed. Ball and bladder needles are included with the pump for sports balls and other inflatables.

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Pressure Gauge

Easy to read pressure gauge is at the top of the pump. For easy access.

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Durability and Warranty

This bike pump was made with durability in mind by designers tired of having to buy new pumps. From the solid steel construction to the heavy pump head this pump is built to last. There is a two year limited warranty against Manufacturing Defects.

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This bike pump can help you with any job involving an inflatable you can imagine. Footballs, soccer balls, Christmas lawn decorations, car tires, or anything in between.

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Ease of Use

The AerGun Bike Pump with the adaptable pump head and easy to read gauge is simple to use. The pump action can at times be difficult, but the wide base allows you brace the pump on the ground or any level surface handy.

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Value for Money

This is pricier than some pumps, but at less than $50 the solid construction, solid steel, and heavy duty pump head makes it worth the money. You won’t have to replace this bike pump for a long time.

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Final Verdict

AerGun Bike Pump

When you use an air pump often for bike or car tires, or for sports equipment this pump pays for itself as it is made to last, and won’t have to be replaced any time soon.

So, is this AerGun Bike Pump is the best Bicycle Floor Pump? – find out by yourself:

Category Score
Performance 3.0
Nozzles and Valves 4.0
Pressure Gauge 3.0
Durability and Warranty 4.0
Applications 4.0
Ease of Use 2.0
Value for Money 3.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The AerGun Bike Pump

The best place to buy the AerGun Bike Pump, as well as many other floor bicycle pumps is one of these trusted online stores:

AerGun Bike Pump

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