Digital Tire Inflator

This 3 in 1 digital tire inflator is also an emergency torch. It has a red flashing LED warning light, making it a great tool to have when there’s a problem on the road. With an extra-long cord and hose, this is serviceable as both a bicycle and a car tire inflator.

For a quick top-off of air, to fixing a flat tire, this pumps is handy. It’s small enough to fit inside a glove box or even a backpack.

Digital Tire Inflator

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  • Small and compact.
  • Light to work with, and an emergency light to let other travelers know you are stopped.
  • Digital display.
  • LED display makes seeing the read out easier.
  • Auto shut off at set pressure.
  • Powerful and capable of 22L/min inflation of a tire.
  • Can inflate all the way to 150psi making it useful for almost any type of tire from bikes to RVs.


  • Runs from 12 volt cigarette battery.
  • Cord can be difficult to manage around big vehicles.
  • Louder than some small air compressors.

So How Good is The Digital Tire Inflator?


For those who had difficulty in the past with auto stops not working with an inflator, this isn’t the case with this digital tire inflator. It does stop exactly at the pre-set pressure. While the display is small, it’s not hard to read, and the LED makes seeing it possible even in the dark. The cord makes it long enough to get around most vehicles, and it does a nice job of filling low tires. For tires with a 27PSI to 35PSI, it will take about a minute or so to fill the tire from low.

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Power Source

The power source for this unit is 12 volts, so it works with the cigarette lighter on most vehicles. It’s a good idea to read the power source information in the manual before using.

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Nozzles and Valves

This Digital Tire Inflator comes with adaptors making it possible to air up most standard bike and car tires as well as a needle for other types of inflatables. Adapters will work for Schrader and Presta valves.

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Pressure Gauge

Pressure gauge works well, and the inflator shuts off at the desired pressure. On first use it is a good idea to recheck pressure with a different gauge to ensure accuracy.

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Other Features

This digital tire inflator features include having a torch light and flashing red warning light for emergencies. When stopped to air a tire either for a car or bike this comes in handy letting other motorist know of you presence. Comes with a carrying bag making storing it in your truck or backpack easier.

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This 3 in 1 Digital Tire Inflator can be used for bike tires, car tires, balls such as soccer balls or footballs, and other small inflatables. Make take a longer time to air up air mattresses or rafts than a standard air compressor.

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Ease of Use

Very easy to use as it comes with adaptors and a carrying bag to keep these in, as well as a long cord. You can use this inflator from your car in an emergency without having to search for a gas station with an air pump. Topping off tires from home is also simple.

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Value for Money

This inflator can save money in keeping from having to drive with low pressure tires in an emergency. Having the light and emergency flash saves on having to buy these two items.

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Final Verdict

Digital Tire Inflator

This inflator isn’t as powerful as a larger standard air compressor, but it is good for emergency use, or to keep on the road rather than being stranded with a low tire.

So, is this Digital Tire Inflator is the best electric bicycle pump? – find out by yourself:

Category Score
Performance 3.0
Power Source 4.0
Nozzles and Valves 3.0
Pressure Gauge 2.0
Other Features 3.0
Applications 3.0
Ease of Use 4.0
Value for Money 3.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The Digital Tire Inflator

The best place to buy the Digital Tire Inflator, as well as many other electric bicycle pumps is one of these trusted online stores:

Digital Tire Inflator

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