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When you need heavy jobs taken care of, or you just need lighter jobs like your bike tires aired up, the Kensun heavy duty tire inflator is a good choice. Not only will you find this a reliable and efficient pump, you will also find it convenient to use in many situations.

This compressor has a built-in work light. The digital gauge makes it simple to use only as much air and pressure as you need.

D1002 Kensun Heavy Duty Tire Inflator

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  • Bright LED work light.
  • Long reaching cord that’s 3m or 9 feet 10 inches long, and 80 cm or 2 feet7. 5inch hose.
  • The cord comes with a quick release mechanism making it easy to store quickly without having to wrap or coil the cord.
  • Pressure meter with digital gauge PSI/BAR, which has an automatic shut-off.
  • A carrying-case is included making this simple to store.
  • Solid construction and dependability.


  • Despite being a small and compact inflator, it has some weight to it.
  • You can plug this Kensun tire inflator into the car’s cigarette lighter. Note that the pump doesn’t come with an adapter.
  • In some cases inflation might take long time.

So How Good Is The Kensun Heavy Duty Tire Inflator?


Professional quality shines through the second you use this pump. It is relativly quite, and in most cases inflation is fast. The reading you see when you adding pressure are the same as you find with your most reliable gauge. The pump has few plastic parts, which is the reason you might find it slightly heavier to carry, but the workmanship of this air compressor offers you greater reliability and stability.

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Nozzles and Accessories

Two standard nozzles come with the compressor making it easy to switch out the nozzles for different sizes of inflatables such as tires, beach balls, or air mattresses.

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Pressure Gauge

The Kensun tire inflator comes with a pressure gauge to ensure the right amount of pressure is used no matter the type of inflatable you are working with to air up. You can also see gauge easily no matter the lighting thanks to the work light.

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While this is a heavy duty model that makes big jobs like car tires easy, you can also use it for smaller jobs like pool and children’s toys.

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Ease of Use

Carrying this tire inflator might be more difficult because of the weight, but it is compact. Simple to store and operate you can take this unit with you in the trunk of a car, or keep it safe in a small storage area.

Once you have the nozzle in place you can set the PSI to the valve system and turn it on with less risk of over inflation, valve damage or rupture thanks to the automatic shutoff.

The display is easy to read even in dim or dark areas with its LED dispaly.

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Value for Money

This pump is priced low for the amount of work it’s capable of, and considering the additional amount of use possible thanks to the LED lighting.

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Final Verdict

D1002 Kensun Heavy Duty Tire Inflator

At this price this is a great compressor for heavy jobs, or any number of tasks you need a heavy compressor to complete.

So, is this Kensun Heavy Duty Tire Inflator is the best Air Compressor? – find out by yourself:

Category Score
Performance 3.0
Nozzles and Accessories 4.0
Pressure Gauge 5.0
Applications 4.0
Ease of Use 2.0
Value for Money 4.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The Kensun Heavy Duty Tire Inflator

The best place to buy the Kensun Heavy Duty Tire Inflator, as well as many other air compressors is one of these trusted online stores:

D1002 Kensun Heavy Duty Tire Inflator

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